About Us

In tune with every party and occasion

Rad One Sounds is popular at many venues and has a number of regular clients. Russell Day is widely admired for his keen sense of the occasion and his a natural talent for putting out the sounds to match.

Russell Day is always reliable, always on time, and ready with a professional presentation.

He supplies the full professional DJ setup including large music libraries, intelligent lighting, smoke machine, powerful speakers. Additional equipment can be hired if needed.

About Russell

Russell is a DJ with a special talent for making any gathering a success. He picks up on what people love and carefully keeps a steady pace and perhaps takes it up a notch as needed, and winds down the pace when the time’s right. All through the event.

When Russell’s there the audience has a good time. Whatever the setting, whatever the style.

Russell has had the very best of training and professional experience. After SAE Institute Perth, Russell continued to train with renowned local DJs. DJ Fanatic, when he was DMC Champion, a 6 week course with DJ Funkions and years with DJ Crazy Craig and Tiny Tim. They all helped to hone his skills to a high level. He can mix it up with Hip Hop beats & scratches, or provide a professional music background for your wedding or function. Give him some of your favourite ethnic sounds to chase down, and he’ll play them for your guests. His love of music, people having a good time, will make him work hard to please you and your crowd.

Make your event amazing

From formal weddings to pub evenings. From cocktail parties to birthday celebrations. From corporate events to garden parties. Plus themed events, sports events and any other event you’re planning.

Request a quote

It’s most important is to ask Russell to check his availability.

You can phone 0430 002 938, or send a message below.

Send in the date, the total run time, the location, and the style of the event… to make a booking or to get a quote. If you don’t have all the details yet, that’s OK, just put in what you know, or leave blanks.

It’s smart to include your phone number so Russell can get in touch to discuss what’s needed to create a successful event.


Rad One Sounds sets the cost based on a few key factors: the location (distance to travel), the style of the occasion, the start and end time of the event, the planned number of guests … that’s it.

It’s also possible to set a budget and discuss with Russell how to make it work – just call on 0430 002 938 to have a friendly chat.

    Repeat bookings

    Many Rad One clients come back to book Russell again and again. He also gets calls from new clients after they’ve heard him at a party, wedding or some other event.

    Russell enjoys connecting with new people just as much as returning to his regular clients for their next birthday event or celebration.